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I Want To Help

There are many ways to become involved in the Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s campaign to end the illegal blockade of Gaza:

  • Keeping Up-to-Date:
  • Building Solidarity:
    • Endorse the campaign. Contact our of our coalition members and let us know who you are and include a quote that we can use to build up our list of endorsers. Send a message of support from your union, political party or community association to show solidarity with the people of Gaza and ending the blockade.
    • Help organize events to raise funds and awareness for our campaign or joining one of our work teams by contacting the Freedom Flotilla organization closest to you
  • Spreading the Word About Gaza and Ending the Blockade:
    • Follow us and Share this web site with people who could help the Freedom Flotilla
    • Write about the Freedom Flotilla. We need to raise awareness across the world about the crimes being committed against the people of Gaza. Send us copies!
  • Helping Make The Freedom Flotilla Sail
  • Join Us On The Flotilla: contact a Coalition member organization to:
    • Volunteer to help the Freedom Flotilla
    • Join Our Ground Crew: While room on board our vessels is always limited, there is room for everyone to get aboard the Freedom Flotilla campaign as “passengers on land”. Your vital contributions can include raising awareness in your community about the Israeli blockade of Gaza, helping to raise funds and other needed resources for our voyage, following our boats and participants on board, and demanding that your governments hold Israel accountable for their safety and for the full rights of the Palestinian people.
    • Get On Board: We welcome human rights activists who can help us heighten the awareness of the situation in Gaza. For more on participants see our Participants page.